About Twilight Showcase Radio

Twilight Showcase Radio

Sundays 8-9pm ET pm on WATD 95.9FM & www.959WATD.com

Hosted by singer/songwriters:


Sandy Streid & Keith James

Poignant original songs…

 Moving backstage interviews…

 Dynamic performances…

“Who Cares” Specials…

Twilight Showcase Radio airs Sunday Nights 8-9pm ET on WATD 95.9FM and everywhere at www.959WATD.com — click “listen live” . Sandy Streid & Keith James co-host and produce the show, which features interviews and performances showcasing a wide range of New England and National singer/songwriters, and others in the entertainment industry.
Singer/songwriters: Keith James  and Sandy Streid perform together as “Another Mid Life Crisis”, and Co-host Twilight Showcase Radio on WATD 95.9FM and www.959watd.com, . They also founded and direct Potentials Unlimited Performance Troupe — a unique troupe of dancers, actors, and singers of all ages– with and without disabilities.  For more information: www.twilightshowcase.org, or call Sandy Streid at 508-2-5673.


For more information contact Sandy Streid:
508-224-5673  or  twilightshowcase@gmail.com

Visit www.TwilightShowcase.org and  hear original Keith James & Sandy Streid songs at: www.keithjames.info.


2 Responses to About Twilight Showcase Radio

  1. Nate Smith says:

    dear sandy streid keith james my mom nathan go
    may 20th 3/6pm china gourmet restaurnt

    • Thanks Nathan!! We’re looking forward to seeing both of you at the next Twilight Showcase Live. Several people told me that they enjoyed your beautiful dancing with Potentials Unlimited at the last show.

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