Tune in to Twilight Showcase Radio Sunday nights 9-10pm on  WATD 95.9FM  and www.959watd.com

Click here for “Last Call” ,  Twilight Showcase Radio’s theme song, and more songs,  – written and performed by our House Band: Keith James & Another Mid Life Crisis. 

If you have trouble with the link, here’s the address http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/fb_share/1858897?deep_link=audio.9884697

Tune into Twilight Showcase Radio, Sundays 9-10pm,
on WATD 95.9FM Radio and www.959watd.com

More great Keith James music at www.keithjames.info


About Twilight Showcase Radio

Sandy Streid & Keith James Co-hosts Twilight Showcase Radio on WATD 95.9FM and www.959watd.com, Sundays LIVE 8-9pm ET. Sandy & Keith also direct Potentials Unlimited -- a unique integrated performance troupe that includes dancers, singers, and actors of all ages challenged by disabilities. Sandy Streid is a Lyricist and a Creative Programming Consultant who has designed and facilitated workshops and performances that have delighted people of all ages and abilities, for the past twenty-five years Twilight Showcase and Potentials Unlimited are produced by TSLC Incorporated, a non-profit, nonsectarian, educational agency [501-C3]. Tax deductible donations can be made to "TSLC Inc", and sent to Twilight Showcase at PO Box 1756 -- Manomet, MA 02345-1756. For more info visit www.twilightshowcase.org and www.keithjames.info . Contact Sandy at: 508-224-5673
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